Informatie over Duurzaam Verpakken door het KIDV

Consumer behaviour

By looking at packaging materials from the consumer’s perspective, sustainable packaging becomes an investment in the added value for customers. After all, packaging materials affect consumer behaviour during the purchase, use, and disposal of the product-packaging combination, and sustainable packaging can also contribute to sustainable consumer behaviour. This is sufficient reason to carefully consider the effects on consumers when developing packaging materials.

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Purchasing behaviour

How does sustainability affect consumers’ purchasing behaviour? What role can sustainable packaging materials play in this regard?



How can you realise the sustainable use of the product by making the packaging more sustainable?

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Disposal behaviour

How can you stimulate consumers to reuse packaging materials more often or separate their packaging waste more effectively?

Tip: consult the Packaging Hotline

The Packaging Hotline was introduced to allow consumers to report and ask questions about the sustainability of packaging materials. This provides insight into how consumers view the sustainability of packaging materials and what aspects they value most. The Packaging Hotline is an initiative of the KIDV and it is run by Milieu Centraal. Go to the Packaging Hotline.